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Wender's Toy Fox Terriers

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Our objective is to promote and improve the Toy Fox Terrier breed. To promote showing of Toy Fox Terriers. Offer the non-showing Toy Fox Terrier Owner Support and information about the Toy Fox Terrier. WE DO NOT CONDONE THE SELLING OF PUPPIES TO BROKERS OR PET STORES.
I live in Oak Harbor, Washington. (Washington State)
You may contact me at 360-720-2303 or email me at

 Welcome to Wender's Toy Fox Terrier's!  We are glad you stopped by. 

Wender's Toy Fox Terrier's was started by myself and my son.  We are located on Whidbey Island in Western Washington.  We are reasonably new to the TFT breed, but not to raising and showing beautiful, healthy, athletic dogs.  I began raising and showing Italian Greyhounds.  Due to a serious family situation,  I stopped showing dogs for awhile.  I took about 4 years off to get back on my feet, and then began my search again.  I wanted a forever dog that did not need as much room as my IG's, were good with children, fun, and sensible.  I wanted a dog I could relate to.  I was determined to take my time and refused to jump into anything, even though I was very excited about having a puppy around again.  I started by searching the AKC website, and studied up on different breeds.  I couldn't seem to find one that really fit the description of what I was looking for.   Then one night I was sitting on the couch watching  a dog show that came on, and as I watched, I saw him!  The cutest little dog was prancing around the ring.  The announcer called him a Toy Fox Terrier.  That was the beginning of my love affair with the breed.  The next day I went out and started studying everything I could get my hands on about this wonderful little dog.  I discovered that he was not a toy dog at all, but actually a tiny terrier.  He has some of the good traits of the larger terriers such as being tough, playful, energetic and smart.  But he had the size that I wanted and the common sense all wrapped up in a tiny 5-8 pound package.  I wanted a dog that would live in the house with me as my pet one minute, and as my  showdog the next.  The Toy Fox Terrier was the perfect dog for me.  


Havermans Wendys Wild Rose

This is our intended sire and the
future of Wender's Toy Fox Terrier's.
Watch for him in the show ring in 2007!

Haverman's Limited Edition Gold
Our New Family Member


Next, I started my search.  I had talked to a few breeders, but I didn't just want to buy a puppy from them, I wanted someone who would be a mentor.  Someone I could call with questions and keep in touch with.  That was when I found the site for Haverman's TFT's.  I noticed that she had puppies advertised and I wrote to her.  To make a long story short, I ended up with not one but two tri-colored sisters.  They were and are beautiful.  Pat gave me my start and has become a great friend in the process.  I am eternally greatful for her knowledge, insight, and the great friendship we have developed.  

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

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