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Haverman's Limited Edition Gold

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Haverman's Limited Edition Gold
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Hi! My name is Danny. 
I was born October 17th, 2006.

We are so grateful to Pat Haverman for allowing us the opportunity to add this little guy to our family. It's too early to tell about his show potential, but he will be loved and spoiled either way.  He is out of the first litter sired by his dad Jerry.  He is one of 4 siblings born October 17th, 2006.  He has 2 tri-colored sisters.  Contact Pat Haverman if you are interested in a future litter.  All puppies in this litter are currently sold or are being retained to determine show potential.   


Here I am at exactly 2 weeks old. 
My new mom thinks I am beautiful. 


WOW!  Look how far i've come in a month and three days!!!  This was my first day out of my box where I was born.